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Jul 21, 2012 9:00am EDT
shooting rampages in u.s. history. police say 24-year-old james holmes kicked open the theater's back door, tossed in smoke devices and came in shooting. he was dressed in black wearing a gas mask and body armor, armed with an assault rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and two glock handguns. ten were killed at the scene, two died later. steven burton is among the 58 injured. >> at the time i thought it was fireworks, then i got hit here and i realized it was sml much more serious. and people started screaming. there was a lot of chaos. >> at that moment i just remember thinking i'm not going to die in here. me and my kids, we're not going to die in here. i need to get them out. i need to get out. and all i could think was if i stand up, he's going to shoot because that's what he was doing. and i was just trying to think. >> reporter: a few miles away the suspect's apartment described by aurora officials as extensively booby-trapped, continues to be a focus of the investigation. with help of a robot officials are working on a plan to disarm what appears to be bottles connected with wires with possi
Jul 22, 2012 9:00am EDT
the killing spree. detonating a stash of bombs pulled from holmes' apartment, a place that's the primary focus of an fbi evidence search team team searching for any clue to help them figure out how and why it happened. >>> police may let the people evacuated from holm's apartment building back inside today. a bomb team successfully executed what they are calling a controlled detonation of a triggering device. they found dozens of fireworks inside the apartment. investigators say the apartment was rigged to explode when anyone opened the door. holmes started playing loud music right before he left for the movie theater. a neighbor said she knocked on his door to complain. >> i definitely feel very lucky that i had an instinct or an impulse not to open that door. and it's very scary how close i came to doing that. >> this apartment was designed i say based on everything i have seen to kill whoever entered it. >> police took all the hazardous materials to an undisclosed location where they were detonated. right now, james holmes is being held in solitary confinement for his own protection. he is
Jul 29, 2012 5:00am EDT
was treating james holmes before the mass shooting. dr. lynn fencen was disciplined by the colorado medical board in 2005. she reportedly wrote prescriptions for herself, her husband and another employee. before the shooting, a package was mailed to him and the judge will decide if it can be used as evidence in the trial. >>> more heart breaking news from the shooting massacre. the mother of the youngest victim has suffered a miscarriage. ashley moser is in critical condition. she was shot in the neck and stomach. her family says she's recovering from surgery, but the trauma caused her to miscarry. moser's 6-year-old daughter veronica was killed in last week's attack. today, flags in aurora will be returned to full mast. there's a bit of heart warming news in this tragedy. cinemark, the company that owns the movie theater, has offered to pay for all of the victims' funerals. this comes days after the hospitals treating some of the victims announced they won't charge them or cut down on the medical bills. three more victims were laid to rest yesterday in texas, ohio and illinois. >>> a local
Jul 8, 2012 6:00am EDT
in tom cruise and katie holmes' marriages. and this morning an important advice if you're getting divorced after the age of 50. >>> finally, a video you just have to see this to believe it. a 12-year-old who interviewed himself 20 years into the future. wait till you see what the 32-year-old has to say for himself now when he stops by our studio on a sunday morning here on "today." it was very clever the way he did it, you guys. interviewed himself when he was 12 as the person in the future. see if you can figure that out. we'll talk to him. >> did they even have youtube back then? >> didn't. he assumed really well. >> wow, he's ahead of us. thanks, jenna. >>> the new era of morning television begins tomorrow right here on nbc4. >> savannah guthrie will start her first full week as anchor of the "today" show. you may recall guthrie's close ties to the d.c. region. she once served as the white house correspondent and reported here at news4 from 2000 to 2002. she was a student at georgetown law at the time and graduated with honors in 2002. don't miss her along with matt lauer, al r
Jul 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
for an update. all that plus, the latest on tom cruise and katie holmes' shocking split. we'll ask why celebrity couples have a hard time sticking together. all that and more when peter alexander and i get started on a sunday morning right here on "today." back to you, guys. >> thanks. see you later. >>> and some dramatic video of the massive transformer fire in prince georges county. the firefighters battled the flames not far from goddard space flight center. they're thinking that a lightning strike may have caused this fire. >>> before you open your refrigerator morning here's a few tips of what's safe to eat and what you should throw away. if you lost power. so if you kept the doors closed, a full freezer will stay at freezing temps for about two days. a half full freezer, just about one day. refrigeratored food should be safe as long as the power is out for a couple of hours. here's a list of things to worry about spoiling, meat, soft cheeses, cooked foods. these foods should be discarded if they warm up above 40 degrees. >>> some residents in fairfax county are waking up under a boil water
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)